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    Black Vinyl Tubing will help keep light from entering your plumbing like traditional clear tubing will. The black color also keeps things looking sharp and clean. Five Sizes Available: 1/2" ID x 5/8" OD 3/4" ID x 1" OD 1" ID x 1 1/4" OD 1 1/4" ID x 1 1/2" OD 1 1/2" ID x 2" OD Black Vinyl Tubing is…

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    Sold by the Foot. Why does BRS recommend this? For ultra-quiet plumbing a small section of silicone tubing is key. We recommend at least a small piece to isolate pumps from the ridged plumbing. Silicone tubing can kink fairly easily, so it isn’t the best to use in locations with hard bends,…

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    Reinforced braided vinyl tube is far superior to normal vinyl tubing because it seals better on barbed fittings and is extremely kink resistant. Very popular for the saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Extremely Kink resistant Made from non-toxic PVC Reinforced with spiraled polyester yarn to reduce…

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    Made from a non-toxic, FDA approved, and ozone safe material. Sold by the foot - For longer lengths increase the qty of purchase and all tubing will be shipped in a single piece. Made from a non-toxic, FDA approved, and ozone safe material Clear/Blue in color Will not yellow over time 3/16" Inside…

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    Need a bit more slack for your Python? Extension tubing for Python Water Change Systems. They will screw directly into your current No Spill, Clean and Fill System with the included fittings giving you reach to anywhere within your house. Comes with a male and female attachment for easy connection.…

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    Extended Gravel tubes for the Python No Spill Clean and Fill water changing system. If you need to replace your worn out, or simply just want to upgrade your water change system, we carry a variety of extended sizes. The standard Python systems come with a 10" gravel Tube. Great addition for taller…

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    …flexibility when routing the tubing. Simply use the Stem Adapters to slide it into the push connect fittings on the reactor, and then cut the silicone hose to length and slide over the barbed end of the stem adapter. The kit will come with 6 feet of silicone tubing, and if more tubing is needed…

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    …Black Overflow Tubing 100% Non-Toxic Specifications Return Hose Diameter - 0.6875" ID / 0.875" OD Drain Hose Diameter - 1.3125" ID / 1.5" OD Return Hose Length - 5ft Drain Hose Length - 5ft What's Included? 1x Return Hose 1x Drain Hose Note:The return hose is packaged inside of the drain hose.

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Water changes are a top secret to success in the hobby. Having equipment that makes water changes easier is the key to doing the water changes your tank needs on a regular basis. With high quality fittings at a very affordable price the Python water change systems will…

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    …and paludariums. Barbed x Barbed connections. Barbed Aquatic Ball Valves for regulating water flow through standard hose used for devices such as canister filters, pump return lines, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, etc. Hose slips onto barbed end for secure fit in , 5/8, and 1 I.D. tubing.

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    …or refilling reservoirs. The Ultra Zero has plenty of power to pump water from a remote saltwater mixing station to your tank, and hooks up to any hose with a standard garden thread on it. Another great benefit of this pump is that the intake is located on the bottom of the pump, allowing the pump…

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    The Inland Craft DB-100 is the perfect tool for the avid aquaculturist. If you have big fragging projects or are propagating a larger specimen, a diamond-coated band saw blade provides easier cutting and greater control than pretty much any other tool. Features Ideal for making delicate, precise…

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    Two Sizes Available: 1/4" Push Connect x 3/4" Garden Hose 3/8"Push Connect x 3/4" Garden Hose Mur-lok RO fittings are the only RO fittings that feature dual EPDM O-rings to ensure a straight leak free fit. These high-quality American made fittings are constructed with FDA approved materials. Just…

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    Perfect for organizing dosing lines, air lines, RO/DI lines, lighting cables, and more! 15 piece kit. Fits standard 1/4 vinyl, silicone, or polyethylene tubing. What's Included? 6x 4-Station Clips 3x 3-Station Clips 6x 2-Station Clips

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    Polyethylene Tubing for Reverse Osmosis Systems Compatible with all Bulk Reef Supply RODI Systems and other RO(DI) systems that utilize 1/4" Polyethylene Tubing. The 1/4" measurement is the outside diameter of the tubing and will work with all 1/4" Push-Connect fittings. Six Sizes Available: Each…

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    …Dimensions: 16.20L x 4.76W x 15.5H Media Basket Chamber: 4.4L x 3.4W Skimmer Chamber: 4.4L x 6.7 Return Chamber: 4.4L x 4.43W Pump Connection: 5/8" hose Flow Rate: 320 GPH Whats Included? Fiji Cube All-in-One Box Filter Sock Holder with Filter Sock Plumbing Kit with Adjustable Nozzle Note: Return…

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    …2.17psi Specifications Output: 251 GPH Maximum Head Height: 5 Ft Power Consumption: 16W Inlet: 1/2" Female NPT or 3/8"-9/16" Hose Outlet: 1/2" Female NPT or 3/8"-9/16" Hose Dimensions: 3.54" x 1.89" x 2.83" Cord Length: 6 ft Warranty: 5yr (motor)/6 month (impeller) Quick Compare - Sicce Syncra…

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    Polyethylene Tubing for Reverse Osmosis Systems Compatible with all Bulk Reef Supply RODI Systems and other RO(DI) systems that utilize 1/4" Polyethylene Tubing. The 1/4" measurement is the outside diameter of the tubing and will work with all 1/4" Push-Connect fittings. Blue RO Tubing is commonly…

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    …Giesemann, Giesemann Low Range, Colombo, Colombo Low Range Iodine Giesemann, Colombo Ammonia JBL Iron JBL Alkalinity Salifert OLI RODI Water What's Included? 3x External hoses (2 meters in length each)1x Needle stabilizer 1x AC/DC adapter2x Microfilter2x Magnetic stirring bars Needles and syringes

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    …devices. Each pump includes several output nozzles to accommodate different sizes of vinyl tubing or PVC. Specifications Max. Flow Rate - 1600 gph Max. Head Height - 12.5 ft Dimensions - 7"L x 3.5"W x 4.75"H Outlet Sizes - 1-1/2", 1-1/4", 1", and 3/4" hose barb. 48mm/1.5" threaded inlet/outlet

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    The Kamoer X2SR is a WiFi-controlled, peristaltic pump designed for auto water changes and auto top-offs in your aquarium. Instead of manually transferring large buckets of water on maintenance days, you can program your X2SR to replenish water at whatever time or speed you like. You can change as…

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    The ReefDose Deluxe 4-Color Tubing Set features color-coded tubing perfect for keeping your doser additive lines separate and easy to identify. If you are dosing a variety of additives such as calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, trace elements, and maybe a nutrient supplement like Reef Energy Plus, it…

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    …other clamping solution to ensure a secure fit on the barbs. Return Jets are available in two sizes for either 1/2" to 3/4" ID hose, or 3/4" to 1" ID flexible hose. Note: Hose not included.CPR Return Jets use a custom ball and socket connection to allow the flow to be angled anywhere in the tank.…

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    Nuvo EXT Aquarium Features: Diamond Edge Polishing Ultra Thick Low Iron Glass Flare Nozzle Loc-Line Bean-Animal Overflow Laser Cut Back Panel Pre-Drilled Holes External Overflow Make no compromises when it comes to your display tanks real-estate. The Innovate Marine EXT series of aquariums include…

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    …aquarium after a water change usually entails you standing or sitting there with your eyes glaring at the fill hose, if you are not already holding it. The one time you look away, the fill hose will inevitably slip out of your tank, and start filling your floors with water. The Python Hook solves…

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    Keep RO or other 1/4" tubing organized withNeat Aquatics' Brackets Keeping your plumbing runs aesthetically clean will usually lead to easier maintenance and if an issue ever comes up, troubleshooting. Neat Aquatics has easy to use 1/4" RO Tubing Brackets that let you easily push the tubing into the…

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    …media baskets and heavy duty locking clips. Features Unique self-priming system; hangs directly on tank Super quiet operation Quick-disconnect hoses Multi-stage modular filter basket Compact design Water flow control knob For external use only Specifications Recommended Aquarium Size: Up to 80…

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    Quick disconnect fittings produced to Pax Bellum specifications for the ARID N18. Push button fittings are non-valved and do not have bore restrictions that will become clogged with debris. Specifications Fitting Size: mnpt x hose barb What's Included? 1 QD Set(2 male, 2 female halves)

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    Replacement slide-lock quick disconnect fittings for the ARID C30. This a direct replacement for the standard fitting that comes with the C30. Specifications Fitting Size: 3/4 mnpt x 3/4 hose barb What's Included? 1 QD Set(2 male, 2 female halves)

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    No more messy skimmer cup overflows, or accidents! The Davey Jones Skimmate Locker can connect directly to your protein skimmers collection cup drain, and can even shut off your skimmer if the locker ever gets full. Avast Marine easily makes some of the best acrylic products and the Skimmate Locker…

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    Ozone Resistant Kynar Y used join three tubes. Using ozone safe materials is absolutely critical when working with ozone. Materials like nylon will melt in a matter of days when it comes in contact with high concentrations of ozone. Inexpensive Ozone Resistant Kynar is the material of choice for…

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    Get the Perfect Drip Dosing liquids using a traditional tube holder allows the tube to curl which is less than ideal, the Dosing Pump Hose Connector & Holder uses acrylic tubes that securely attach to the holder. Angled bottom cuts allow liquids to flow out without ending up on your aquarium…

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