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    10 hard shell, clear, refillable media cartridge for BRS reactors. Fits all versions of BRS reactor including older models.

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    5 hard shell, clear, refillable media cartridge for BRS 5" reactors.

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    …cartridge and three foam disks (installed). This is an alternative to the newer, BRS Reactor Refillable Cartridge – Hard Shell. SKU: 204187. The newer hard shell style is more popular but either type can be used in single, deluxe and dual BRS reactors. These are perfect for CO2 Absorption…

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    These replacement pads will replace the removable foam pads found in one BRS Carbon and GFO cartridge. Kit includes two foam disks. Designed for new hard shell clear cartridge.

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    …algae. Rotational Polisher Removes algae off glass or acrylic aquariums with a convenient head that rotates to reach hard-to-clean areas. Gravel Shovel The perfect tool to sift sand or gravel without getting your hands wet. Easily remove empty snail shells of other debris out of the aquarium.

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    …part of a saltwater aquatic ecosystem for many reasons and it is common to get them as hitchhikers in your home aquarium, but it can be very hard to sustain their populations. In most instances, it is the adult copepods that are transferred as a hitchhiker and will be consumed pretty quickly,…

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