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    Extra cuvettes (vials) for your Hanna Colorimeter Checkers. Caps NOT included Precision glass, necessary for taking accurate measurements For most accurate readings, cuvette must be clean and free of scratches

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    Magnesium is a crucial element in saltwater environments, as it allows calcium and carbonate to be bioavailable for corals and other invertebrates. Therefore, consistent and accurate testing of magnesium levels in your marine aquarium is vital to ensure a healthy and thriving system. The HI783…

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    Easily calibrate and test proper functionality of your Hanna Checker HI713 Phosphate Low Range for fresh and marine water (saltwater). Contains Standard A, Standard B and 1 Packet 713-25 Reagent* Follow instructions in packaging Acceptable results must be between 0.92 and 1.08 ppm at 25°C…

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