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    Reagent refill for Alkalinity Colorimeter HI772 or HI755 Hanna Checker HC Marine Water, as well as the Marine Master HI97105 Multiparameter Photometer. Enough reagent for 25 tests. Item #: HI755-26

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    …Photometer1x HI780-25 Marine pH reagent (30mL)1x HI772-26 Marine Alkalinity reagent (30mL)1x HI7581U Marine Calcium reagent A (30mL)1x HI7582 Marine Calcium reagent B starter kit (reagent for 25 tests)1x HI782-25 Marine Nitrate High Range starter kit (reagent for 25 tests)1x HI764-25 Marine Nitrite…

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    …results and ability to purchase replacement reagents when needed. The biggest key with Hanna checkers is keeping the vials nice and clean for consistent results. Uses Hanna HI772-26 liquid reagents Three simple steps to results. The Hanna Alkalinity Checker bridges the gap between simple chemical…

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    Alkalinity reagent refills for the easy to use, handheld Alkalinity Colorimeter HI775 Hanna Checker HC - Fresh Water. Enough reagent for 25 tests. Item #: HI775-25

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    …to results. The Hanna Alkalinity Checker bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation. Accurate, affordable and easy to use. First, zero the instrument with your water sample. Next, add the reagent. Last, place the vial into the Hanna Alkalinity Checker, press…

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    reagent. Last, re-insert sample into the Hanna Alkalinity Fresh Water Checker, press the button and read the results. Done. Features Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits Large, easy to read digits Auto shut-off Dedicated to a single parameter Designed to work with HANNA's reagents

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    …the Hanna HI98319 Salinity Testing Pen, you will never look through a refractometer ever again. What’s Included? 1x HI772 dKH Alkalinity Checker 1x HI758 Calcium Checker 1x HI774 ULR Phosphate Checker 1x HI98319 Salinity & Temperature Pen Tester 1x HI774-25 ULR Phosphate Checker Reagent

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    …between nitrate and the reagent causes a pink tint in the sample. Interferences: Nitrite Whats Included? (1x) HI782 Checker HC (1x) Sample cuvette and (2x) caps (1x) Marine Nitrate High Range Starter Kit (reagents for 10 tests) (1x) 3mL Pasteur pipette (1x) 1.5V AAA Alkaline battery (1x) Instruction…

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