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    …gallon of aquarium water to achieve an ammonia concentration of 2 mg/L-N (2ppm) of ammonia. It is important to have your UV sterilizer or ozone generator turned off for the initial cycle. Do not overdose.Do not exceed ammonia concentrations higher than 5 mg/L (5ppm). For more detailed instructions…

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    …Sold by the foot - For longer lengths increase the qty of purchase and all tubing will be shipped in a single piece. Made from a non-toxic, FDA approved, and ozone safe material Clear/Blue in color Will not yellow over time 3/16" Inside diameter Will fit most standard air pumps and Ozone generators

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    …functioning properly. Once One & Only is added to the tank, fish should be introduced within 24 hours. Without fish, no organic waste is generated, which the bacteria require. If you are not ready to add fish, you can add small amounts of ammonia to the water. It is recommended to use Dr.Tim's…

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