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    Overview Next-generation, enhanced activated carbon, offering superior chemical filtration Characteristics to traditional activated carbon. Triple-action removes ammonia, chloramines, and latent organic material, and then facilitates decomposition and oxidation/reduction reactions, enhancing…

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    Overview Blend of specific ammonium-adsorptive zeolites and premium next-generation, enhanced activated carbon. Significantly higher performance characteristics than products utilizing traditional activated carbon and/or zeolites that are only functional in freshwater. Quadruple-action removes…

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    Overview Next-generation regenerable nitrate adsorption resin effective in marine and freshwater aquaria; does not require soaking in buffered water prior to initial use. Highly-selective for nitrate. Will not negatively impact water quality, nor release nitrate once exhausted. Synthetic polymer…

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    Brightwell Aquatics Purit is a next-generation combination of enhanced activated carbon and NSF-grade ion-exchange and adsorptive resins. The carbon in Purit offers superior chemical filtration performance over traditional activated carbon and combined with the ion-exchange resins will enhance the…

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