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    …or Pro-Coral Zooton and let it hydrate for another 30 minutes. Add it to a high flow area in the display tank allows corals and filter feeders to capture the food. PurePro-Coral Reef Snow solution (without plankton substitute) can be stored for two weeks at room temperature. The size of Pro-Coral…

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    …time consuming the food while producing more energy for growth. It is important to offer different types of foods for all the organisms in your aquarium and often overlooked are sponges, bivalves, immobile filter feeders, and other animals that require small particle foods. Those animals are…

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    Plankton Substitute for Zooplankton Filter Feeders Great energy source for filter feeding animals and plankton feeders Rich in Carotenoids and Vitamin B12 Select Marine Ingredients Ideal for SPS Coral Tropic Marin Zooton was engineered to provide for the energy and nutritional needs of a wide…

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    …with small mouths. Many foods are too large for SPS corals, and using a small particulate food like Zootonic will yieldmuch better results because the corals can digest the small pieces much easier and quicker. Improved growth and coloration can be seen when the proper food is available for your…

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