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    …fungal fish infections. It contains no fillers or additives and is lab tested for purity. A notable side-effect of fluconazole is that it is extremely detrimental to bryopsis algae. Previously known as Algae Buster, Reef Flux is an aquarium fluconazole treatment that is effective against fungal fish

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    …for water displacement from rocks, sand, ect. Special Notes & Recommendations Dino X is NOT a treatment for cyano bacteria. When used correctly, Dino X is harmless to inverts and fish. Dino X should always be dosed in the evening or 1 hour AFTER main lighting has shut off. Photosynthesis…

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    …bacteria that will help quickly establish a biological filter in your aquarium allowing you to add fish almost immediately. New Tanks After Water Changes Adding New Fish After Treatments Using Dr.Tim's One & Only is very simple. You should first make sure that your tank is dechlorinated…

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    …save money, promote long-lived healthy fish and increase satisfaction received from the hobby. Sterilizers can also be used as a component of an effective strategy to current outbreak. Primarily to help ensure the outbreak doesn't re-emerge after treatment. Anyone who has had the misfortune to…

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