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    …the most popular frozen food, and now they are producing PE Mysis in a flake form that is perfect for saltwater fish of all sizes. Flakes come in big chunks that you can break down to an appropriate size for your particular fish. Two Sizes Available: 30g 50g Flake food is known for being very soft…

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    Algae Substitute for Reef Snow Particles to Form into Natural Coral Food Variable flake size Improves nutrient utilization Prebiotic effect for fish Reduces nutrient content in the water Ideal for binding vitamins and other food additives We recommend a combination of Reef Snow with the plankton…

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    Premium Flake Fish Food from Cobalt Aquatics designed to promote consistent growth and color. Spirulina-based formula for freshwater and marine herbivorous fish Nutritionally balanced, palatable, high algae content formula Enhanced with Probiotics to improve digestion and reduce waste in aquarium…

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    Brine shrimp based formula for all tropical and marine fish. Highly palatable formula helps both fresh water and marine finicky fish to eat prepared foods. Promotes consistent color and consistent. Enhanced with Probiotics and Cobalt Blue Flake's triple vitamin dose and immunostimulants. Will not…

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    food dry to avoid clumping Works with pellet or flake fish and coral food Build complex feeding routines Compatible with Apex, ApexEL, and other Apex Aquarium Controllers Specifications Dimensions: 6.25" (accounting for AquaBus plug) x 3" x 3.75" Holds up to 100mL of most pellet and flake foods

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    …other pellet or flake food may be lacking. Try Freeze-Dried Bio-Pure Krill from Hikari as part of a daily diet or as a treat for your tank inhabitants. Vitamin-rich Krill will help reduce stress and stress-related diseases as well as natural enhancing the color of your fish. Pharmaceutical…

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    …the food but will also have an easier time digesting it as well. It is recommended to supplement fish food withLipo-Garlic at 5-10% of dry matter. This corresponds to the addition of 5 to 10 drops to a teaspoon (5 ml) of granulated food or one level tablespoon (15 ml) of frozen or flake food. Simply…

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    …location of the hole, and the portal includes a removable cover for feeding larger foods such as frozen or flakes. When feeding pellets with an automatic feeder, the cover can stay on and will prevent even small fish from jumping out. We think that's pretty neat! The feeding portal will work with…

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    …frozen, pellet or flake fish foods. Helps to correct malnutrition, supports healthy immune system, and enhances natural colors. In juvenile fish, resilience and disease-resistance are increased. Recommended Use Dry Food (Pellets): Soak food in water and amino acidsFrozen Food: Mix food thoroughly…

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    …a feeding ring the food will need to sink first a slight bit, which by that time it is much easier for your fish to consume. MagFeeder and its accessories make feeding your fishes more effective and enjoyable. MagFeeder comes with a floating feed ring that retains flake foods, pellets, powdered…

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    …automatic fish feeding system. Keeping food dry and dependable dosage amounts creates a great value, to keep your finicky fish eating multiple times a day. The actively aerated feeding chamber gives dry food down to the last flake. Easy programming lets you decide when to feed the fish. Double food

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    …pellet and flake food grinding system that dispenses food effortlessly with a simple pump and grind. The Gourmet Grinder can be loaded with your favorite choice of pellet or flake foods, and in a few seconds, grinding them up into various bite size morsels, perfect for small to medium fish. Gourmet…

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    …to any type of pellet, flake, or frozen food. Garlic extract has been used for years to help fish adapt and strengthen their immune system after stressful transport or disease outbreaks. Many people also report that garlic aids in getting your fish to eat prepared food enticing them to the smell.…

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    …of your fishes` favorite flakes, pellet, or freeze-dried food into the feeder and walk away. Let the water do the rest; eventually, the food will soak and sink down to where the fish are able to gobble it up. FEATURES: For Fresh and Saltwater Fish Great for Frozen, Pellet, Flake or Freeze-Dried Food

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