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Filter Bag

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    …used by connecting a carbon dioxide scrubber to your protein skimmer's air intake and can produce substantial lifts. We package the media in Mylar bags and then seal them to preserve the hydration of the media, leading to longer service life and the ability to absorb more CO2 than others on the…

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    …by filter manufacturer. Some canisters may require that the media be housed inside a mesh bag, within the housing. Use a 150-micron mesh filter bag (included) in this case. Passive filtration:Place Puritloosely in a 150-micron mesh filter bag and locate in an area of low-to-medium flow. Turning bag

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    …we package all of our DI resin in foil-lined 4mm Mylar bags to prevent exposure to air that may deplete the resin while it is waiting to be used. Our resin can remain packaged this way for 2 years without losing its capacity. Our bulk DI bags are perfect for reefers who process a lot of water or…

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    …unattractive, dust throughout the system. Canister filtration: Load Xport-PO4 into filter cartridge as directed by filter manufacturer. Passive filtration: Place Xport-PO4 loosely in an 800µm mesh filter bag and locate in an area of low- to medium-flow. Media reactors: If placing Xport-PO4…

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    …pumps (not including sump return) 1 x 950 (240 gph) Protein skimmer Waterflow/Airflow 180 lph/60 lph Mechanical filtration Standard 225 Micron Filter Bag Yes Chemical filtration High grade phosphate-free activated carbon 200g(7 oz) Cabinet frame Marine Spec Yes External Length 45 cm(18″)…

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    …room temperature. Remove Xport-NO3 from pail and pour water into the aquarium system, then place Xport-NO3 into canister filter, media reactor, or 800µm mesh filter bag; a flow-through rate of 1 - 3x the total aquarium volume per hour is recommended. Do not fluidize. In systems with an initial…

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    …and nitrites from your aquarium. Some systems will also see a decrease in nitrates. MarinePure will work in sumps, trickle filters, wet/dry filters, hang on the back filters or directly in the tank. 100% Tank Tested Most technically advanced bio-filtration substrate High usable surface area for…

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    …for pH or temp probes. The Comline filters will efficiently remove surface scum, while the main chamber can accommodate filter floss or a small bag of chemical media such as activated carbon. The patented magenetic mounts will securely hold the filter on the side of the tank while the silicone…

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    …at room temperature. Remove Xport-BIO from bucket and pour water into the aquarium system, then place Xport-BIO into canister filter, media reactor, or 800m mesh filter bag; a flow-through rate of 1 - 3x the total aquarium volume per hour is recommended. Do not fluidize. Remove and rinse ~33% of the…

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    …take a few days to a couple of weeks to completely disappear, and using a fine felt filter sock or other means of mechanical filtration can help clear up the water. How Much Sand Do I Need? One 22.5 pound bag will cover 2 square feet to a depth of approximately 1.75 inches. Results may vary…

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    …platforms and under the third baffle into Section 3. The top perforated platform comes with a foam block filter and the bottom one is open to use for several different filtration methods (bag of carbon, bio balls, rubble rock, etc.). Section 4 is the return water section back into the tank. This is…

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    …gallons and specially made to have a large refugium that meets the 10% volume recommendation for the Triton Method of reefing. Now with optional filter sock holders, configurable drain adapters, and other additional features the new generation of Triton sumps from Trigger are definitely the way to…

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