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    …Power LEDs in 6 replaceable clusters High performance reflectors; 99% reflectivity Excellent color-mixing Active cooling through temp. controlled fans Passive cooling through generous heat-sinks Built for efficiency and durability Onboard control panel & graphical display Select LEDs The Mitras…

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    …Timer By connecting your electrical appliance to the Save A Watt Digital Timer will let you take control of your power usage. Have lights, pumps, fans, and much more controlled by this heavy duty programmable timer. The large backlit LCD display makes programming and if you ever forget which setting…

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    …can be used to control additional devices such as pumps, skimmers, cooling fans, and more! The Light Like its predecessor, the Prism II has a smart aluminum unibody design that is passively cooled, so no loud cooling fans are required. The Prism II is 25% more powerful than the original Prism,…

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    …providing top-quality reef additives for decades.With the addition of KZ's KH Plus and Calcium Plus Concentrates, as well as Magnesium Complex, fans of the ZEOvit System now have a complete solution for maintaining nutrients as well as major, minor and trace elements. Dosing Recommendation: Maximum…

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    …specifically for aquarium use 8x 120 VAC outlets 3x 1LINK outputs for WAV, DOS, etc 2x DC24V outputs for accessories (small pumps, solenoids, fans, etc.) 3x AquaBus Ports Track temperature, ORP, and pH with included lab-grade, double-junction probes Continuous monitoring of water-level depth…

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    …you need to hang/mount your light- no extra hardware required for most tanks. The Photon V2 Pros are cooled withsilent, temperature-controlled fans. The Air moves over the heat-sink and never comes into contact with the internal electronics, keeping all components cool and dry. The new Photon…

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