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    …1-10V, the fans can be programmed to automatically ramp up / down based on your desired temperature. Features Near silent 85 mm fans High airflow Quality materials for long service life Available in Five Models 2 Fans 3 Fans 4 Fans 5 Fans 6 Fans Fan Model Specifications Model # Fans Fan Motor…

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    …Models 2 Fans (Recommended for aquariums up to 20g) 4 Fans (Recommended for aquariums up to 40g) 6 Fans (Recommended for aquariums up to 60g) Fan Model Specifications Model Dimensions Air Flow Max. Tank Thickness 2 Fan 8L x 6.5W x 1.6H 31.5 CFM .5" 4 Fan 14.5L x 6.5W x 1.6H 38.5 CFM .5" 6 Fan 16L x…

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    The Reef Octopus USB Smart Fan automatically increases or decreases the fan speed depending on the ambient temperature of the area surrounding the thermostat. Its ability makes the Smart Fan an excellent choice for aquarium canopies, enclosed stands & equipment cabinets to help regulate the…

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    …Peltier Effect - Thermoelectric cooling system whereby probe cools water by removing heat and radiating through fins of chiller Quiet, low-speed fan, no refrigerants Can cool 10 gallons of water 6 - 8F below ambient air temp Multiple IceProbe chillers can be used to achieve higher temperature…

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    …connected to a 1-10V interface on the aquarium controller, the Propeller Breeze 3 will automatically adjust its fan speed according to how much the set temperature is exceeded. This allows the fan to run as fast as necessary and remain as quiet as possible. Features 2.1 mm socket plug Works with GHL…

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