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    Duo they set out to reimagine the modern skimmer, incorporating the best design features and most advanced technology available to create an incredibly capable, controllable, and nearly silent skimmer that would not only be easy to set up and tune, but easy to maintain as well. The Aeraqua Duo seems…

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    …your skimmer, effectively raising the pH of your tank by removal of excess CO2.   Two Models Available: * Duo Jumbo CO2 Scrubber * Duo Jumbo CO2 Scrubber with Legs   Requires CO2 Absorbent Media (not included) CO2 is by far the number one cause…

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    …with: * Maxspect 300 Series Gyre Pumps * Maxspect Ethereal LEDs * Maxspect Razor X LEDs * Maxspect Recurve LEDs * Maxspect Turbine Duo Pump   Download the Syna-G app:   What's Included? 1x Maxspect Syna-G Connect Controller

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    Configure the Maxspect Duo the way you need it! The first water pump that can be configured as a traditional single output, like any other aquarium pump but can also be configured to have two outputs for a total flow rate of 2500 gallons per hour! * Silent operation *…

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