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    …using top quality ingredients. Using the same building blocks that your coral use, Real Reef is made with a variety of minerals, aggregates, and sands, each rock contains not only calcium carbonate but essential trace elements. After each rock is made, they are covered in beautiful shades of purple,…

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    …LifeRock Arches Dry Live Rock How big are the pieces? Sizing can range from 10" up to 12" Can I request specific shapes and sizes? Unfortunately, we are unable to take requests for specific shapes and sizes for CaribSea LifeRock. How much rock do I need? Knowing exactly how much Dry Live Rock you…

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    …keeping your hands dry and saving you time in pesky retrievals. Using the float feature, you can easily and efficiently move around tank corners without knocking over decorations or damaging corals and invertebrates. The Mag-Float cleaning pad remains free of sand and gravel, thus preventing…

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