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    …LifeRock is infused with spored bacteria to aid in biological performance, along with millions of micro and macro passage ways CaribSea's LifeRock Dry Rock is perfect for the environmentally friendly aquarist. Creates a mature looking reef instantly 100% safe for all marine animals Unique pieces…

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    …introducing phosphate and dissolved organic matter. NitroCycle encourages fast colonization of nitrifying bacteria on biological media as well as dry liverock. It therefore helps to prevent dangerous ammonia spikes following the addition of valuable aquarium livestock. It does not foul or discolor…

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    …keeping your hands dry and saving you time in pesky retrievals. Using the float feature, you can easily and efficiently move around tank corners without knocking over decorations or damaging corals and invertebrates. The Mag-Float cleaning pad remains free of sand and gravel, thus preventing…

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