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    …tanks is widely used throughout the hobby and can be used to help prevent common issues with new tanks while helping stabilize existing tanks. Dr. Tim is considered to be one of the premier authorities on marine nitrifying bacteria in open and closed systems. One & Only contains millions of…

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    …tanks containing these organisms. Wait for 5 to 7 days after final dosing to add these organisms. Cycling a new aquarium or need to combat Cyanobacteria or other algae? Get your free download of Dr. Tim's Aquatic Recipes for Success Fishless Cycling Cyano & Algae Removal Dinoflagellate Removal

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    Automatically and Continuously Released Waste-Away Bacteria! Dr. Tim's Waste Away Gel is specially designed to break down fish waste in the hard to reach areas of your reef tank. Waste-Away is a 100% natural bacterial additive that helps dissolve sludge and hidden wastes. Using Waste-Away will also…

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    High-Performance Biofilter Media for Nano Tanks! Inert and chemically stable, MarinePure Gems are a great addition to any aquarium that needs more biofiltration. Bacteria prefer to grow on surfaces, and by adding more surface area in your aquarium, you will give more space for beneficial bacteria to…

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