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    Replacement Tubing for the Neptune DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System If you need longer tubing for your DOS dosing system or DDR reservoirs. Extend the distance from your pump to the reservoirs, or the pump to your tank. Two Sizes Available: 4 Meters 16 Meters

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    …air-resistant TPE tubing has been selected for a long service life when dosing common reef additives. Available in 2 Color Pallets Blue-Green Kit (Purple, Blue, Blue-Green, Green tubing) Yellow-Red Kit (Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow tubing) Whats Included? 4x Air-resistant TPE colored tubes (10 ft each)

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    Simplicity heavy duty silicone tubing for your dosing needs. Stays flexible Resists cracking 10 ft in length 4mm ID / 6mm OD Available in 3 colors

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    Extension tube for Drew's Doser. Drew's Dosers extension tubing is great for replacing your current worn out, old tubing, or simply just replacing the tubing you have for a new additive. Specifications Outside Diameter: 1/4" Inside Diameter: 1/8" Two Lengths Available 25 foot 50 foot

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    …and the tubing can be removed from the roller. Keeping the tubing fresh will help decrease resistanceon the roller motor keeping the pump more precise and lasting longer. Specifications Materials - Novoprene Outer Dimension - 2.5mm Length - 150mm What's Included? 1x Replacement GHL Dosing Tube

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    …your Kamoer FX-STP Dosing Pump system running like new with the PharMed Replacement Tube Assembly. The PharMed tubing will last about 2000 hours of use and should be replaced after that for reliable long-term use. We also suggest replacing the Pump Head when replacing the tubing. What's Included? 1x…

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    Replacement Tube For Drew's Doser v2.0 Dosing Pump After a couple of years of use, the tubing in the head of the Drew's Doser can become brittle and cause excess stress on the motor. We suggest changing the tubing out once a year to help maximize the life of the pump. Made with Tygon A60G-3 Tubing

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    Replacement Santoprene tube for the BRS 2 Part and BRS Top Off Doser.

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    …the pump will dose in a 10-minute time frame. Simply dividing the total output by 10 will let you know how much the pump will dose per minute of operation. What's Included? 1x 1.1mL Dosing Pump 1x Pump Mounting Bracket 1x Mounting Bracket Screw Set 17 FT 1/4" OD Dosing Pump Tubing 1x Instruction…

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    Dosing Channels - 1 Dosing Volume - 0.5mL - 6000mL (Manual Mode) or 1mL - 6500mL (Auto Mode) Accuracy 2000 Hours Dosing Intervals - One time every 31 days or up to 12 times per day Tubing Size - 3mm ID What's Included? 1x Kamoer X1 Dosing Pump 1x Graduated Cylinder 1x Power Adapter 6ft Dosing Pump

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    …bracket designed to hold the tubes of the Bubble Magus Dosing Pump or any other dosing system in place on the side of the tank or sump. Securely holding your dosing tubes will keep them from falling into the water and clogging or even worse out of your sump and dosing 2 part onto your cabinet stand…

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    …control pump movement in such a refined manner means that you can dose all the way down to 0.1ml at a time! Large diameter tubing -Larger size tubing means that your pump does not have to work nearly as hard or stay on for longer cycles. The most popular dosing pumps on the market use tube fittings…

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    Tubing & Accessories Kit includes everything you need to connect your additives to your ReefDose pump and start dosing. The color-coded tubing is great for keeping your doser additive lines separate and easy to identify, and we love the well-thought-out tubing organization accessories. The tube

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    …High-Quality Acrylic Specifications Dimensions - 12.5"L x 4.25"W x 7"H (7.5" w/ built-in hose barbs) Hose Barbs - Compatible with 2 or 3mm ID (1/8") tubing Volume - 1500mL per compartment What's Included? 1x Trio 3 Part Dosing Container 3x Lids w/ Built-in Stirring Rods 5ft of Black Silicon Tubing

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    tube adapters are great to have on hand and are compatible with all Bubble Magus dosing pump systems. The adapters allow standard dosing pump tubing 3/16" to connect to the tubing that is supplied with the pump head. Two adapters are required per pump head. What's Included? 1x Dosing Pump Adapter

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    …1x X2SR Unit 1x Power Adapter 50mL Plastic Measuring Cylinder 6 meters of 9.5*12.5mm green PVC tubing 3x Transparent tube manifolds 4x Float level sensors and brackets 8x Magnets 1x 24V DC submersible pump 1x Male-to-male line 1.5 meters of 8*11mm transparent PVC connecting pipe for auto top-off 1x…

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    …x 2.36" x 3.24" Dosing Channels:1 Dosing Volume:0.1mL - 9999.99mL Accuracy: 2000 Hours Dosing Intervals:One time every 99days or up to 24times per day Tubing Size:3mm ID x 5mm OD What's Included? 1x Kamoer X1 Pro Wifi Dosing Pump 1x Graduated Cylinder 1x Power Adapter 6ft Dosing Pump Tubing

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    …rigid tubes with recessed base, and precision threaded, O-ring sealed caps. Dreambox Dosing Reservoirs are excellent for holding 2-part solutions, trace elements, lime-water, and many other liquids you want to dose over time with a dosing pump. Like everything else Royal Exclusiv makes, these dosing

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    …tips, which make for fast and easy connection of your dosing lines and ensure precise dosing of even the smallest amounts. Features Holds up to four dosing lines Keeps Tubing organized and secured Quick connect tips ensure precise dosing Whats Included? 1x Tube Holder 4x Quick-connect tips

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    …polyethylene RO tubing, but can also be used with some types of dosing pump tubing as well. Each bracket can be individually mounted with the included mounting screws or with alternative methods like double sided tape and other adhesives. Mounts In Seconds Can Hold up to 4 Tubes Compatible with 1/4"…

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    …Doser 2 or 2.1 dosing unit. One pump is used to feed tank water into the KHD. The second pump feeds the KHD with reagent fluid. The third pump extracts the test sample and used reagent fluid after a completed test, then dispenses it into a waste bin. As tests occur, the 3 pumps automatically perform…

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    Simplicity heavy duty silicone tubing for your dosing needs. Stays flexible Resists cracking 25 ft in length 4mm ID / 6mm OD Available in 3 colors

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    …cartridge Spacious customizable filtration chamber Probe Holders x 3 Dosing Tube Holders x 3 Cord/tubing management cut-outs on lid The AquaMaxx HF-M includes an efficient protein skimmer. Using the same Shark 1.0 needlewheel pump (modified Italian-Made Sicce) as the popular HOB-1, the HM-F…

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    tube holder allows the tube to curl which is less than ideal, the Dosing Pump Hose Connector & Holder uses acrylic tubes that securely attach to the holder. Angled bottom cuts allow liquids to flow out without ending up on your aquarium walls. Just push any standard dosing pump tubing over the…

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    The ReefDose Tube Tips allow for quick and easy connection of your dosing tubing to the ReefDose Tubing Holder. They provide a clean and precisely sized dosing tip for extremely accurate dosing of reef additives. Whats Included? 4x ReefDose Tube Tips

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    …connectors for Kamoer WiFi Dosing Pump Systems. Replacement Kamoer Dosing Pump System input and output connectors are made to perfectly fit the Kamoer Dosing Pump Tubing. Replacement Tube Connectors let you replace your current ones, or if you need to splice your dosing tubes together you can do…

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    …standard with a 360-degree rotating switching power converter. BM-T02 4 Head Expansion Accessory is NOT a stand-alone pump. Must accompany BM-T01. BM-T01 Product Specs: Size: 23.5 x 16 x 7cm Accuracy: +- 5% Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.36A DC12V 1A (US Pin) 3M Dosing Tube include Flow: 1 - 1999 mL

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    …for easy removal of lid easy to clean and replace media! Reactor can be place inside your sump or externally. Includes PH probe holder Specifications Capacity: Up to 1000 gallons Pump: SICCE Syncra 2.0 Overall height: 20.5" Reaction tube diameter: 8" Chamber capacity: 9.9L Footprint: 11.9" x 13.4"

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    …for easy removal of lid easy to clean and replace media! Reactor can be place inside your sump or externally. Includes PH probe holder Specifications Capacity: Up to 300 gallons Pump: SICCE Syncra 0.5 Overall height: 20.5" Reaction tube diameter: 4.3" Chamber capacity: 2.9 L Footprint: 8.3" x 9.1"

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    …Sea liquidadditives in the 500mL and 1000mL bottles will come with a "dosing ready" bottle cap. All you will need to do is add the tube to your bottle's redesigned cap and then connect it to your dosing pump for automated, easy to refill dosing system. What's Included? 2x Red Sea Dosing Cap Tubes

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    It is common over time for the small nozzles on dosing pump tubes to become clogged and restrict flow. Replacing the nozzles will help keep your motor running at full speed, with accurate dosing amounts. What's Included? 8x GHL Dosing Tube Nozzles

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    Simplicity heavy duty silicone tubing for your dosing needs. Stays flexible Resists cracking 30 ft total; 10 ft each color 4mm ID / 6mm OD All three colors (Red, Green, Yellow) included

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