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    …dissolved which should only take a couple hours. Dosing is based off your aquariums alkalinity dosage, and will twice that amount when using BRS Soda Ash. Dosing Instructions: When you are ready, use theBRS Reef Calculatorto know exactly how much to dose! Example for 100-Gallon Aquarium Calcium…

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    …be mixed individually in large containers and dosed with a drip- or automated-dosing system; ensure that solutions are entering the system in different areas to prevent precipitation. If dosing manually, allow at least 5 minutes to pass between dosing Reef Code A-P and B-P solutions.CautionKeep out…

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    …use, set up, and maintain, the BRS Biopellet reactor combo provides everything needed to start running biopellets in your aquarium. Solid carbon dosing (biopellets) has become an extremely popular method of removing nitrates from the aquarium. The BRS Reactor makes it easy to implement by doing away…

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    …glass cuvettes with tap water and then several times with aquarium water. Fill each glass cuvette with exactly 5 ml of aquarium water using the dosing syringe. Put one of the two water samples aside as a reference. Add 10 drops (for saltwater) or 12 drops (for freshwater) of test reagent A to the…

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    …interfering ions. Therefore, test kits considering the specific characteristics of seawater are needed to analyse the water precisely. Nyos has developed a high sensitivity seawater calcium test kit. Easy conversion factor Accurately to 5mg/l Precise dosing tip Precise color change Separate…

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    …necessary test kits every professional reefer needs. Instructions: pH - Up to 100 Tests Shake the dropper bottle before use! Rinse out the glass cuvette with tap water and then several times with aquarium water. Fill the glass cuvette with exactly 5 ml of aquarium water using the dosing syringe. Add…

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    dosing method or used with other Bulk Reef Supply additives for an easy to followsystemof dosing. The BRS system uses a balanced 1:1 calcium to alkalinity ratio that keeps dosing simple and doesn't require you to be a math wizard. In most cases, the amount of BRS Alkalinity solution you need to dose

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    dose just divide that number by 5 (see example below). Step 4. Replenish your calcium by adding the 5-day total to your aquarium and any other diminished levels back to your desired starting point, then wait a few hours before starting your daily dosing regime. Step 5. Monitor and adjust daily dose

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    …before starting your daily dosing regime. Step 5. Monitor and adjust daily dose as necessary. If your alkalinitylevels are slowly rising, we suggest subtracting 10% per day until it is stable. If your alkalinity levels are dropping slowly we suggest raising your daily dose by 10% per day. Example…

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    …then dose daily or weekly as needed (see below). If not using a test kit, add 5 ml (1 tsp) of Strontion per 20 US-gallons of aquarium water in two-day intervals to maintain the [Sr2+] within the proper range. Always try to maintain the [Sr2+] within a range of +/-2 ppm. To determine the dosing rate…

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    …pollutants or by-products to your aquarium when dosed. The balanced mixtures allow for fast growth of coral skeletons while maintaining the major and minor trace elements to avoid the decrease in required elements like traditionaltwo-part dosing regimens. Maintainsion equilibrium Powdered Salt…

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    kit before supplementing. Shake this product well before using. Each ml of Ferrion will increase the concentration of iron (“[Fe3+]”) in 1 US-gallon (3.785 L) of water by 1 ppm. It is advisable to ensure that the concentration of phosphate not exceed 0.05 ppm in the aquarium to be dosed

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    dose daily or weekly as needed (see below). Maintain alkalinity within a range of +/-1 dKH. Once desired alkalinity has been acquired, measure the alkalinity at the same time each day over a one- to two-week period to determine the required rate of alkalinity depletion. To determine daily dosing

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    …of inhabitants. Instructions and Guidelines Please refer to the directions on the bottle's packaging for the most up to date concentrations and dosing instructions. Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. IngredientsPurified water, proprietary phosphorus salts. Technical…

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    …starting dosing amount and ADC will only tune that dosing level +/-35%. If it takes more than that amount of dosing to keep your aquarium at your target value, then the Apex will stop ADC, revert to your starting dosing amount, and alert you that you need to manually adjust your dosing level. Then,…

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    …off! The Deluxe Controller Board includes 13 cut-outs, 9 small (3"W x 1.25"H) and 4 large (1.25"W x 6"H), for routing wires behind the board. The kit also includes cutout plugs and 2 small shelves on the back, as well as four small rails on the back of the board to secure the cords and keep…

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    …hobbyists may determine that decreasing the dosage and/or dosing frequency by up to 50% sufficiently maintains a low-nutrient environment. During changes in biological filtration or when increasing the aquarium bioload, dose 1 drop per 50 US-gallons daily for one week, then resume…

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    …4. Remove filter socks or any other mechanical filtration, and add then entire contents of the 5280 pods to the refugium area. 5. Begin daily dosing of OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton at a rate of 5mL for every 20 gallons of water your system holds. Store any unused OceanMagik in the refrigerator…

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