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    …regulator You will need to remove the main connection point to the regulator with an Allen wrench on most regulators. For smaller systems a large CO2 bottle can take up quite a bit of room, and may be the difference in being able to run a Calcium reactor. Paintball CO2 canisters are widely available…

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    …dispensing bottles have a dispensing chamber to measure out doses, adding an extra level of simplicity and convenience. Features Doesnt contain copper Reef Safe Wont harm biological filtration Built-In measuring chamber for convenient dispensing 3 Sizes Available 1/2 Liter in Dispensing Bottle 1…

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    …UV, skimmers, and ozonizers for at least 48 hours after adding One & Only bacteria. Add One & Only. Shake the bottle well for a few seconds and then pour the entire bottle into your tank. You can also add One & Only to your sump or filter if preferred. The water may become cloudy but…

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