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    …and for dosing recommendations. Periodic testing with Triton Labs is highly encouraged to help fine tune your water chemistry. Use with Dosing Pumps It is highly recommended to use an accurate dosing pump. Due to the super concentrated nature of the elements, it is required to dose into a high…

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    …your corals are going to need. Dosing Core7 Base Elements We highly suggest using Triton ICP-OES testing to establish a baseline, and for dosing recommendations. Prior to dosing your aquarium's alkalinity should be adjusted to 8 dKH. As a baseline starting dose, Triton recommends 2mL of each…

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    …Phosphate Minus 1000ml/35.19 fl. oz. 1x Fish V 50ml/1.7 fl. oz. 1x Carbon 1000ml/35.19 fl. oz. 1x TestPro Nitrate (1 set; up to 40 tests) 1x TestPro Alkalinity (1 set; up to 100 tests) 1x Component A 200ml Bottle 1x Component B 200ml Bottle 1x Component C 200ml Bottle 1x KH Plus 200ml/6.76 fl. oz.

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    …maintaining KH, Ca, and Mg Use: All components should be dosed equally based on Ca, KH and Mg consumption. Regularly test your water and establish the optimal dose basing on analysis results. With average SPS corals stock, the recommended dose is 12 ml per 100 liters of water daily. Th recommended…

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    …Reef Safe Wont harm biological filtration 5 Sizes Available - Also Available in convenient dispensing bottles HERE. 8oz Standard Bottle 16oz Standard Bottle 32oz Standard Bottle 64oz Standard Bottle 2.5 Gallon Bulk Jug in Box Rally Pro is not part of the grouping of natural herbal remedies that have…

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    …sensitive corals No dilution or shaking required Designed to be connected to a dosing pump Dose: For average coral stocking, add 4 mL per 100 L of aquarium water daily. No preparation required just connect it to a dosing pump or pour directly into the aquarium. For aquarium use only. Not suitable…

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    …UV, skimmers, and ozonizers for at least 48 hours after adding One & Only bacteria. Add One & Only. Shake the bottle well for a few seconds and then pour the entire bottle into your tank. You can also add One & Only to your sump or filter if preferred. The water may become cloudy but…

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    …the fish's surface tissues and removes active parasites, bacteria, and fungus that may be attached to your new fish. Using the included dispensing bottle, it is very fast and easy to prepare a dipping solution for new arrivals. Features Doesnt contain copper Perfect dip solution for new fish Quickly…

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