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    …on the market, the BRS additives are formulated to be dosed in a 1:1 ratio (calcium:alkalinity), keeping dosing simple and measuring minimal. Mixing Instructions: When you are ready, use theBRS Reef Calculatorto know exactly how much to dose! BRS Calcium Liquid Solution -Fillone of the 1-gallon…

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    Tropic Marin All-For-Reef is a revolutionary approach to dosing, combining calcium, alkalinity, and other trace elements into a single, easy to use solution. It's no longer necessary to maintain two, three, or four solutions, or a complicated reactor. All-For-Reef is a balanced source of calcium and…

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    …much the pump will dose in a 10-minute time frame. Simply dividing the total output by 10 will let you know how much the pump will dose per minute of operation. What's Included? 1x 1.1mL Dosing Pump 1x Pump Mounting Bracket 1x Mounting Bracket Screw Set 17 FT 1/4" OD Dosing Pump Tubing 1x…

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    Dosing trace elements cannot get any easier than the Reef Foundation System. Red Sea uses a very easy to follow, systematic approach to maintaining what your corals need to grow. Package Contains: 250mL Reef Foundation A (Ca,Sr) 250mL Reef Foundation B (Alk) 250mL Reef Foundation C (Mg) Red Sea's…

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    …on the market, the BRS additives are formulatedto be dosed in a 1:1 ratio (calcium:alkalinity), keeping dosing simple and measuring minimal. Mixing Instructions: When you are ready, use theBRS Reef Calculatorto know exactly how much to dose! BRS Calcium Liquid Solution -Fillone of the 1-gallon…

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    dosing even with small increments. The tubing clips are also a real bonus, allowing you to anchor the lines along the way and keep them from flopping around inside of your stand or cabinet. Features Air-resistant TPE tubing Keeps Tubing organized and secured Quick connect tips ensure precise dosing

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    …a dosing system for their aquariums is for consistent and easy dosing of 2-part solutions (calcium and alkalinity) to their reef tanks. The most common method for doing this today is to use standalone dosing pumps and run them on a timer using seconds or minutes to determine how much to dose. This…

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    Bluetooth Controllable Dosing | Stand-Alone or With Other Kamoer X1 MicroPumps Kamoer X1 Dosing Pumps are perfect for almost any aquarium that needs liquids dosed up to 12 times per day or all the way down to one time every 30 days. The single channel dosing pump can be controlled on its own, or in…

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    …Systems: 12ml NOTE:To avoid spoilage refrigerate unused portion after opening, do not place more than one week's dosage in the container, and wash the dosing container between refills. When using LED lighting, increase the dose if corals are not growing even if there are no signs of photoinhibition.

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    The Simplicity 6L Dosing Container is a three compartment reservoir designed to organize solutions and keep your sump area tidy. Each clear, acrylic compartment has easy-to-read graduated measurements in both liters and fluid ounces so you can quickly monitor your remaining solution.Being acrylic,…

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    …dissolved which should only take a couple hours. Dosing is based off your aquariums alkalinity dosage, and will twice that amount when using BRS Soda Ash. Dosing Instructions: When you are ready, use theBRS Reef Calculatorto know exactly how much to dose! Example for 100-Gallon Aquarium Calcium…

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    Dosing Pump or any other dosing system in place on the side of the tank or sump. Securely holding your dosing tubes will keep them from falling into the water and clogging or even worse out of your sump and dosing 2 part onto your cabinet stand or floors. For acost-efficientand functional dosing

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    Get the Perfect Drip Dosing liquids using a traditional tube holder allows the tube to curl which is less than ideal, the Dosing Pump Hose Connector & Holder uses acrylic tubes that securely attach to the holder. Angled bottom cuts allow liquids to flow out without ending up on your aquarium…

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    dosing schedules. Through ReefBeat, you can schedule dosing programs to run every day, or only on selected days, with daily doses ranging from once per day to once per hour. Automatic rescheduling after changes in dosing schedule or number of doses Dose Queue presents coordinated list of doses

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    …and then communicates this information to your Apex so you can get alerts, and change your dosing. When combined with the DOS (available separately) it creates a fully automated system for the proper dosing of supplements, maintaining them at consistent levels. The included 2-month reagent kit means…

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    …most common of two-part dosing, but it is not limited to just two part dosing. You can use it for automatic water changes once a week or even once a day, minor trace element additive dosing, liquid food dosing, or pretty much any other liquid your tank may need to be dosed in metered amounts. You…

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    …standard dosing pump tubing directly to the jugs. Component 1+, 2+, 3+ can be used with: SPS corals LPS Corals Soft Corals Clams & other filter feeders Dosing Instructions: Dosing will vary per your aquariums demand for trace elements. For an average reef tank, the starting dose will be around…

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    Simplicity heavy duty silicone tubing for your dosing needs. Stays flexible Resists cracking 10 ft in length 4mm ID / 6mm OD Available in 3 colors

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    …wear out. Dosing tube lubricant that works for all types of dosing pump heads.By adding Dosing Tube Lubricant to your dosing pumps rollers and tubing you can greatly increase the lifespan of the tubing and entire pump. Compatible with: Drew's Doser BRS 1.1mL Dosing Pump BRS 50mL Dosing Pump Bubble…

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    …It can take some time for the solution to be clear. Step 4: Once powder is fully dissolved, the solution is ready for dosing. Dosing Instructions Start with a daily dose of 5 ml of All-For-Reef per 100 liters (26 US-gal) of aquarium system volume. Increase the daily dosage by continuous control…

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    dosing method or used with other Bulk Reef Supply additives for an easy to followsystemof dosing. The BRS system uses a balanced 1:1 calcium to alkalinity ratio that keeps dosing simple and doesn't require you to be a math wizard. In most cases, the amount of BRS Alkalinity solution you need to dose

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    …holder and floss box, providing extra versatility in mechanical filtration. The sumps are also equipped with a heater holder, probe holder, and dosing holder to prepare for the next level of reef keeping. The included polycarbonate sump lid is a must-have in todays sump system to reduce noise, salt…

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    …microcomputer with a 3-channel titration pump for accurate dosing. Add one BM-T02 4 Head Expansion Accessory to form a 7-channel. Add up to two (2) BM-T02 4 Head Expansion Accessories to form an 11-channel titration pump. BM-TO1 is a dosing pump with three titration channels (which can easily be…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Acrylic tubes have many different purposes. Using these for DIY projects like kalkwasser drippers, feeding tubes and they even can be used to help add support small aquascapes, it is always a good idea to have extra acrylic tubing on hand. 16" of clear acrylic tube with…

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    The Simplicity 2L Modular Dosing Container allows you to easily connect multiple units in order to suit your unique doing needs. Its clear, acrylic body has easy-to-read graduated measurements in both liters and fluid ounces so you can quickly monitor your remaining solution. Being acrylic, its…

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    …Sea liquidadditives in the 500mL and 1000mL bottles will come with a "dosing ready" bottle cap. All you will need to do is add the tube to your bottle's redesigned cap and then connect it to your dosing pump for automated, easy to refill dosing system. What's Included? 2x Red Sea Dosing Cap Tubes

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    …your dosing lines just got easier with the DTH-1 Pro Dosing Tube Holder. The DTH-1 holds up to five lines which you can mix and match the fittings to accommodate 3/16" flexible dosing tubes or 1/4" RO tubing. With the magnetic mount, you can place the DTH-1 almost anywhere dosing is required.…

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    …not shock your corals. Magnesium Instructions What is 2-Part Dosing? As corals grow they consume calcium and alkalinity but to keep the levels steady in a reef tank requires the use of magnesium too, so it is more like 3-part dosing, to be honest. Reefers will use calcium chloride and soda ash…

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    dosing container ideal for 3-part dosing systems. Each chamber holds 1500mL and is marked in 50mL increments for quick and convenient fluid level monitoring. This sleek container also features securely-fitting lids with built-in stirring rods for easy mixing in a pinch. Perfect for 3-Part Dosing 3x…

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    …is place 1/2" to 1" above the base of your reservoir, ensuring only the clear slurry is being dosed. Step 5. Activate your ATO and monitor the pH of your aquariumas the kalkwasser solution is being dosed, not exceeding increases of 0.20 pH. Your ATO should be pumping water into a high flow area of…

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    …probes and dosing tubes in a location with high flow in the sump allowing water to constantly pass through the probes. Low flow around the probes with dosing lines can cause readings to be out of the normal range for a short period of time depending on the solution being dosed. CustomCradle-Specs

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    …Intensifies purple coloration Instructions - Dose 5 mL for every 25 US gallons once per week. Coral System Component 3 Contains - Amino Acid, Organic Elements Facilitates biological functions Promotes faster growth Enhances overall coloration Instructions - Dose 5 mL for every 25 US gallons once per…

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