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Cycle Additive

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    …and nitrite will be zero, or below .5 ppm. If so, congrats, your tank is cycled! Add fish and enjoy your aquarium! Additional Helpful Notes on Cycling Substrate on the bottom of the tank is recommended for the fastest cycle as bare bottom tanks may not have enough suface area for the bacteria and…

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    …level in the water to temporarily drop. Do not add more than one bacterial based solution per day. Cycling a new aquarium or need to combat Cyanobacteria or other algae? Get your free download of Dr. Tim's Aquatic Recipes for Success Fishless Cycling Cyano & Algae Removal Dinoflagellate Removal

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    …Mixing Pumps! Kalkwasser is one of the oldest and reliable ways to add calcium and alkalinity from a single solution and using a reactor makes the addition of a kalkwasser solution easier. The IceCap KM-150 Magnetic Kalkwasser Reactor uses a magnetic stirrer to accomplish the mixing of the solution,…

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