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Cycle Additive

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    …Establishing colonies of nitrifying bacteria without TurboStart can take weeks; but TurboStart completely cycles aquariums in five days or less, allowing for safe, immediate addition of livestock. RapidlyEliminatesToxicAmmoniaand Nitrite AllowsSafe RapidIntroduction ofLivestock Prevents“New…

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    …and nitrite will be zero, or below .5 ppm. If so, congrats, your tank is cycled! Add fish and enjoy your aquarium! Additional Helpful Notes on Cycling Substrate on the bottom of the tank is recommended for the fastest cycle as bare bottom tanks may not have enough suface area for the bacteria and…

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    …a slow flow rate of 1.6mL/min, Drew's Doser is the perfect liquid additive doser. Compared to most other dosing pumps that dispense in quick spurts, making it an ideal way to automatically add alkalinity solutions or other additives that may precipitate easily. Doesn't Back-Siphon Easy To Use With a…

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    …into the saltwater bins for another 12-16 weeks before being packaged. Real Reef Solutions saltwater grow-out tanks prepare the rock for instant addition to your reef tank. Sustainable Excellent likeness to Tonga Branch Rock Includes Trace Elements Branching Rocks Perfect for SPS Coralline Colored…

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    …emitting uniform color across the coverage range, and reducing individual color separation to almost nothing. Design Full-Color Spectrum - In addition to the popular Tuna Blue spectrum, users can add in Red, Green, and Purple (Violet+Indigo) by using the new Spectral Controller X or the Kessil…

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