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Cycle Additive

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    …With the onboard battery and included a battery bank, the pump can be powered for up to 72 hours. It can run continuously or with a 10-second on/off cycle in thebatterypowered mode to make the pump last as long as possible.Power outages will usually last just a couple hours, but you never know when…

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    …things back towards a healthy balance of microorganisms. Dinoflagellates depend on specific conditions and nutrients to fuel their growth. In addition to addressing nutrient imbalances, we are finding that a key factor to bringing a dino outbreak back under control is providing enough of the right…

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    …and nitrite will be zero, or below .5 ppm. If so, congrats, your tank is cycled! Add fish and enjoy your aquarium! Additional Helpful Notes on Cycling Substrate on the bottom of the tank is recommended for the fastest cycle as bare bottom tanks may not have enough suface area for the bacteria and…

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