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    …Butterflies, Mollies and many other freshwater and marine fish are natural "pickers". They graze 90% of their day picking at the surfaces of wood, corals and rock. It is important that they are offered plenty of seaweed and algae throughout the day. This will strengthen their immune system, reduce…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? The Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder is our go to automatic fish feeding system. Keeping food dry and dependable dosage amounts creates a great value, to keep your finicky fish eating multiple times a day. The actively aerated feeding chamber gives dry food down to the last…

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    …food dry to avoid clumping Works with pellet or flake fish and coral food Build complex feeding routines Compatible with Apex, ApexEL, and other Apex Aquarium Controllers Specifications Dimensions: 6.25" (accounting for AquaBus plug) x 3" x 3.75" Holds up to 100mL of most pellet and flake foods…

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    The AquaMaxx MFR-1 Magnetic Feeding Ring is an effective and simple way to reduce food going into your overflow, and more into your fishes` mouths. Drop any of your fishes` favorite flakes, pellet, or freeze-dried food into the feeder and walk away. Let the water do the rest; eventually, the food…

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    The new INTELLI-FEED auto feeder features simple design and programming, keeping your fish food dry and ready to feed up to 4 times a day. Easily program the feeder with touch controls. The mounting bracket is capable of rotating 360 degrees, so you can deliver food at the right spot. Features:…

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    Let your fish naturally graze on algae and other foods with Two Little Fishies PouchFeeder. The pouches are made out of a flexible plastic that your fish can easily peck through to get chunks of food.The PouchFeeder comes with a strong mounting magnet letting you position the food right where you…

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    Gourmet Defroster Pro - The convenient way to feed frozen foods! Defrost, separate, and dispense your frozen foods all in one step with the Gourmet Defroster Pro by Innovative Marine. Perfect for the impatient (or shall we say, efficient?) aquarist-- this 3-in-1 magnet-mounted defroster allows you…

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