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    …vitamins play a supporting role to the amino acids, as well as adding additional nourishment to support a stronger symbiotic relationship between the corals and their zooxanthellae. Ideal for soft corals, NP corals, SPS corals, LPS corals Essential amino acids and vitamins for growth and coloration…

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    coral growth and pigmentation, along with amino acids and Vitamin C for immune support. Ideal for soft corals, SPS corals, LPS corals, and clams Fully synthetic marine salt for reef aquariums Laboratory-guaranteed stable parameters Proven results on a variety of coral species Enriched with amino

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    …Clip for Carnivorous, Ornamental Fish Highly nutritious feed for small marine fish Best for finicky fish High in pure calanus content; rich in amino acids Easy to attach and access clip Rich in Omega acids High levels of EPA, DHA, SDA, and algae fatty acids Aquaforest Calanidae Clip is a nutritious…

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