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    Secure your PVC pipe to any solid surface with the Surface Mounting Clamp. Simple clipping mechanism to hold pipe. Available in eight sizes for 1/2" to 4" pipe. Grey

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    Clamps directly plumb the waste water line from RO systems to a sinks drain pipe. Two Configurations Available 1/4" Push Connect 3/8" Push Connect Specifications 1/4" hole needed for 1/4" drain saddle clamp 3/8" hole needed for 3/8" drain saddle clamp Max pipe diameter 1.5" Sch 40 PVC or Sch. 80 PVC

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    …photosynthesis. This unit includes a Pipe Mount bracket which cleverly clamps to a section of your hard plumbing that has a 1-1.5 inch outer diameter (standard 3/4 to 1 PVC pipe). The GRO uses all its power to emit light in two specific wavelengths that are optimized for macroalgae growth 455-460nm…

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