Bubble Algae Removal

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    …and that will decrease theamountof bubbles being formed or simply physically raising the skimmer body will allow for a faster drain and a dryer skimmate to be produced. Replace any removed water with freshly mixed saltwater. Chemi Clean will remove and clean stains from red, black, blue-green,…

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    …Bulkheads 1x Removable Filter Sock Tray for one (1) 4" standard filter sock 1x Reversible Weir 1x Cord Grommet 5x Push-Connect Dosing Tube Bulkheads 2x Splash Guards/Lids 1x Perforated Removable Drip Tray 1x Algae Scrubber Support Bracket System Note:Filter sock & algae scrubber not included.

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    …has a removable algae blocker panel along with a built-in bubble trap with easy change filter sponge. The Alpha-Fuge is designed to meet all the demands an advanced hobbyist can dream of. Easy maintenance Flexible, advanced design features Prefilter sponges reduce debris and bubbles Filter…

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