Bubble Algae Removal

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    …magnets. By dragging the Mag-Float along the outside of your tank, the inner Mag-Float magnet follows, effortlessly scraping off any algae as it goes. Easily removes algae from glass surfaces Clean your aquarium without getting your hands wet Inner magnet floats for easy retrieval Large cleaning pad…

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    …for better water distribution (On REEFER 350 G2 models and bigger) Large central overflow box to hide piping, with a large surface skimmer with removable weir comb for easy cleaning Silent downflow system with enlarged rectangular inlet to reduce turbulence Assembly-ready piping now with extra…

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    …Features: Ultra-clear low iron glass Beveled edges Black silicon Rubber leveling mat Removable black film on back glass Low profile and slim overflow box design Silent and safe Herbie overflow design Removable inner overflow box Dual return jet kit included Specifications: Total Volume:32 Gallons…

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    …Glass Scraper. Each blade is razor sharp on both sides, giving you 20 total edges to work with. Whenever your current blade becomes dull, just remove the old one and flip it over to the unused side, or insert a new blade. Specifications: Length - 62mm Width - 17mm Whats Included? 10x 62mm Double…

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    …be further customized by adjusting the included Nuvo Nozzles, IM's new flexible dual directional flow nozzles with adjustable pivot joints and removable sockets. These nozzles can double your flow paths, target dead spots, and create cross currents or swelling circular patterns to tailor the perfect…

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    …be prepared to perform a water change and add fresh activated carbon if necessary. Directions for Use Turn off protein skimmer and UV sterilizer. Remove carbon filtration or any absorbent media. (phosphate absorbents are okay) Determine the total water volume including filtration system. FRESHWATER:…

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