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    …super glue is a great value and is one of the easiest glues to work with. Employees at BRS choose to use the 20-gram tube for its ease of use and the ability to get every last drop out of the tube. The extra thick gel super glue is slightly thicker than traditional thick super glues. BRS Extra Thick…

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    …distilled for purity pH neutral Non-clogging pin-cap Directions Step 1: Turn off in-tank flow Step 2: Apply glue to coral or rock above or under water Step 3: Hold item in desired location until set (about 10 seconds) Step 4: Allow glue to fully cure before turning flow back on (about 5 minutes)

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    …frag racks. Works on walls up to 3/8" thick Made with super strong epoxy Neodymium magnets 100% pure Caribsea Reef Sand We normally use BRS Extra Thick Super Glue when mounting smaller frags to disks. For heavier frags Tunze Instant Coral Gum works very well. Specifications: Disk Diameter: 1.25"…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Ceramic coral frag plugs do not need to be cured before use. Simply glue your fresh frag to the plug or tile and place it in your tank. Oceans Wonders Ceramic Coral Frag mounts are perfect for attaching coral frags including hard and soft branching corals such as…

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