Brs Gfo Carbon Reactor

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    GFO and Carbon in the aquarium. No annoying thumb screws and leaky lids like other reactors. BRS recommends a Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 pump to operate this reactor. Sold separately or packaged with the pump. Choose a different pump depending on mounting height and amount of media used. The BRS GFO

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    …longer. GFO is most commonly used in a media reactor like the BRS reactor or media bag. Phosphate inhibits proper coral growth by incorporating itself into the corals skeletal structure which makes it difficult for the coral to grow by laying down additional calcium and carbonate (alkalinity)…

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    …your reactors safely and with less energy The PMUP is not just for ATO. It is also a great pump to use for running your various reactors bio-pellets, carbon, GFO, or even the two-stage combo unit from BRS you see here.The PMUP uses less than 20W of power so it is a very efficient way to run reactors

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