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    Why does BRS recommend this? Neptune has put together a package that included the salinity, temp, pH and ORP probes, along with WiFi connectivity all in a single package. The Apex Controller is by far one of the most advanced dedicated aquarium controllers on the market today. The wide variety of…

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    …dosing Bulk Total Package Makes up to: 6 Gallons of BRS Liquid Calcium Solution 6 Gallons of BRS Soda Ash Liquid Alkalinity Solution 2 Gallons of BRS Magnesium Mix for 2-Part Maintenance 10 Gallons of Tropic Marin Part C Mixing Instructions: BRS Pharma Balling Method Calcium Liquid Solution - Fill…

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    …simple using the BRS Reef Calculator! General Alkalinity Adjustments- For large additions, we suggest using BRS Pharma Sodium Bicarbonate Create a 1-gallon solution by following the Mixing Instructions above and then test your aquariums current alkalinity level and using the BRS Reef Calculator…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Trigger systems has been making sumps for quite some time now and they have won us over with their attention to detail, practical designs and overall aesthetic appeal. With the ability to modify the sump to your needs with adjustable water levels, interchangeable plates…

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