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    Xport-NO3 is a superior biomedia that utilizes NanoIntelex technology allowing Brightwell to create one of the best, most adaptable denitrifing biomedia cubes on the market today. Xport-NO3 is great for tanks that have minimal aquascape, or heavily stocked. The biomedia cubes can be put just about…

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    …does BRS recommend this? Biological filtration is the number one key to a nice and stable reef tank, and anytime we can sneak in some MarinePure Biomedia into an All in one tank, sump, or even overflows we will. We have run density tests and they have proved to be more porous than any live rock we…

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    …serve as a secondary bio-media, fostering beneficial bacteria inside and on the surface of the plug. This bacterial growth can also be captured by some coral polyps as food, bolstering growth. Features Extremely porous mounting media Stimulates coral growth Also serves as bio-media Fosters healthy…

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    …can be consumed by corals, or skimmed out of the tank. Another benefit of Pro Bio S is that you will notice less sediments build up on rocks and biomedia. By absorbing and converting organic materials, nitrate, and phosphate, your aquariums water quality will stay perfect with Pro Bio S. Two Sizes…

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