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    …bacteria. Promotes gas exchange and increases oxygen level in your tank. Black 1.5" diameter Approximately 80 Bioballs per gallon Surface area is on average 22.7328 inches per bioball More Features: Will not clog with organic matter. Totally inert and non-leaching. Safe for use in fresh or saltwater…

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    Seaside Aquatic's Ceramic Bio-Spheres are made up of thousands of little balls that are then glued together to make a single sphere. The method that is used to adhere the ceramic media together allows for ultra-high amounts of surface area on each individualball. When the bio-spheres are added to…

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    Biologically Ideal Calcium Supplement use with the Balling method Single Component Additive Supplies Calcium & Alkalinity Does Not Disrupt Ionic Balances Contains All Trace Elements No Dissolving Required No Unwanted Phosphates or Other Pollutants Calcium is one of the most important elements in…

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