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    Bio S is a liquid nitrifying bacterial supplement that contains carefully selected strains that will accelerate the removal of toxic organics and ammonia. It is mostly used for the first couple weeks helping stimulate the start of the nitrogen cycle, helping create a balance of bacteria population.…

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    …Free from contaminants, algae, parasites, and other harmful and invasive organisms High porosity to facilitate bacteria settlement (combine with Bio S for fast maturation) Doubles as filtration media Easily bonds with AF Stone Fix Will not leach unwanted chemicals into water Stabilizes pH and KH…

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    Instantly create a bio filter in saltwater aquariums that can eliminate new tank syndrome and remove toxic ammonia and nitrite without any sulfurs or odors. Perfect for fishless cycling new aquariums, especially if used with Dr.Tim's Ammonium Chloride. Four Sizes Available: 2oz - up to 30 gallon…

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