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    pump adapters, and user guide are all included in the box Compatibility The IceCap Battery Backup works with a wide variety of DC pumps with the appropriate adapter. Below is a list of pumps that are known to be compatible with the Battery Backup. Maxspect Gyre Pumps (All Models) IceCap Gyre Pumps

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    …series of pumps and the battery backup allowing your aquarium system to have flow in the event of a power outage. Connects in seconds Essential in case of a power outage Auto On/Off mode conserves battery Allows the Vectra series of return pumps to be used with the Ecotech Battery Backup. Having…

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    …Ecotech Vortech pumps you will get a lot of value out of the Ecotech Battery Backup module. It is one of the easiest battery backup solutions on the market, and once you piece together another battery backup configuration there is a ton of value in the Ecotech line and their battery backup In an…

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    …allows for a safe connection of your Tunze powerheads to most 12v batteries. It contains a 4 Amp fuse and permits normal operation with the Tunze power supply units. In case of a power failure, it will automatically switch over to a battery or another direct-current source in the instance of a power…

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    Pump Driver - The Hydros connects directly to the pump head, so there is no need for the pumps` power supplies or controllers 0-10V Control - Many pumps offer 0-10V controllability. The Hydrow WaveEngine supplies four independent 0-10V outputs to control these pumps Wireless Control - Vortech pumps

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    …x 3.5"W Materials: PVC Board Cord Rails: 3 Cord Guide Slots: 4 Whats Included? CustomEcotech Marine Controller Board Ecotech Marine LED Logo Board Power Supply Remote Control French Cleat Wall Mount 2x Cord Cutout Plugs 2x Velcro Mount Sets for LED Logo Board *Note: Pumps and Battery sold seperately

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    …light to the outside of the aquarium. The LED light should shine into the entry path of the trap, luring larvae into the trap opening. Whats Included: 1x Larval Trap 1x Battery powered LED light (battery included) 1x Rigid airline tube 2x Suction Cups Note:Air pump and airline tubing not included.

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    …style UPS (uninterrupted power supply) along with your router/modem and an energy bar, you can have a complete battery backup system. With that, it can notify you through email or text messaging when power is lost and control certain life support outlets like low power consuming pumps and heaters.

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