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Auto Top Off System

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    …See The Neptune Systems ATK v2 uses the robust Fluid Metering Module with re-designed optical sensors to monitor your water level. The dual sensor design allows for the ATK to have one main water level sensor and the other as a backup should the first ever get dirty. On top of the optical sensors,…

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    …addition and mixing of the solution. How Does it Work? Simply connect the IceCap Kalk Mixer to any freshwater reservoir with the use of an Auto Top Off unit or dosing pump. Kalkwasser powder is then added to the mixing chamber via the handy quick-fill cap. The adjustable speed motor should then…

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    …fittings will seal off the coupling end any time the connection between the fittings is disconnected. This is super handy for reactors, ATO containers, saltwater mixing systems, and other filtration equipment. We do not recommend Anti-Drip fittings with water export systems due to the increased…

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    Enjoy a precise water level and peace of mind with the JBJ Dual Sensor auto top off system. With the included sensor cover you never have to worry about tank inhabitants causing false readings again, as an added bonus this cover will prevent sudden surface agitation from causing fluctuating water…

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    Optical sensors are the go to sensor if you want a reliable sensor over a long period. The Neptune Optical Sensor plugs directly into the FMM allowing you to monitor the level of your sump, mixing station, or any other reservoir with liquid in it. This sensor plugs into your FMM and, using reflected…

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    …vibration transfer to the glass, keeping noise to a minimum. An interesting feature of the 3168 is that the Tunze Osmolator 3155 automatic top-off system can be directly mounted to the rear side of the filter. This position ensures optimum water level for the aquarium and the Comline filter while…

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