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    …dual-sensor ATO Two layers overfill protectionIntelligent QST programming Secondary optical sensor Super precise water level control Super easy installation; plug-and-play No programming or adjustments required Works in complete darkness Specifications: ATO DC Pump Max Head - 8.2 ft ATO DC Pump Flow…

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    Xp Aqua's Sumpless ATO - Complete ATO & Surface Skimmer for Sumpless Aquariums Sumpless ATO is the first and only ATO designed specifically for aquariums without sumps. The combination of the sleek overflow box and the innovative dual-optical sensor ATO will help to keep your aquarium topped off and…

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    Stop Floods and Wasting Water with the Only Electronic Auto Shut Off Valve Kit for RO/DI Systems XP Aqua RO/DI Flood Guardian is the perfect solution for any reefer that wants a float valve that they do not need to drill or permanently mount to a reservoir. The Flood Guardian uses a dual optical…

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