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    …We do not suggest using this pump for auto top off systems. Due to the slow flow rate and the motor's long duty-cycle, it is best suited for intermittent use and we highly suggest using a pump with a faster flow rate for an Auto Top Off System. What's Included? 1x Drew's Doser v2.0 10ft Dosing…

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    …connection between the fittings is disconnected. This is super handy for reactors, ATO containers, saltwater mixing systems, and other filtration equipment. We do not recommend Anti-Drip fittings with water export systems due to the increased chance of particles like sand or shells becoming lodged…

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    …operation out of the Smart ATO pumps, but if you use kalkwasser or other additives in your ATO, they can lead to premature failure. Auto top off pumps can fail from time to time and having a back-up pump on hand is always a smart thing to do. Making sure your system keeps topping off for evaporation…

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    …top off systems help to restore osmotic balance in your aquarium by refilling the fresh water lost to evaporation. This is especially important in smaller aquarium systems, where evaporation can lead to salt concentration fluctuation more quickly and harm your livestock. The AutoAqua Smart ATO Nano…

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