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    …Parameters Tested: Salinity Alkalinity Nitrate RO Water Check All Major Elements Trace Elements More than just ICP ICP testing does not test for everything. As such, the ATI test also includes a titration test for measuring carbonate hardness, ion chromatography tests for both fluoride…

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    …most common consumption rate of reef aquariums, but since actual consumption can vary from tank to tank, periodic testing can inform you if you need to make adjustments. With the ATI Elements, you have individual control of trace elements, so you can make small adjustments when necessary. Starting…

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    …environments. Regular testing of magnesium is significant for any saltwater tank, especially in coral reef tanks along with alkalinity and calcium levels. ATI ICP-OES Water Analysis Test Get a comprehensive look at your tanks water chemistry using ATI ICP testing. ICP-OES testing has become a…

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