Aragonite Reactor Media

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    …calcium reactor setups either lacking enough media to cover the consumption over a period of time, needing the media to be replenished more often. Purchasing a new larger reactor could end up being too expensive, so rather than shelling out for one, the AquaMaxx T-X Secondary Media Chamber allows…

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    …with 90% of any other aragonite calcium reactor media by volume.Do not exceed 25% ReMag in calcium reactors. Directions: Rinse ReMag media under tap water until all fines are removed. Add ReMag to any calcium reactor at a ratio of 10% remag to 90% aragonite reactor media by volume. Monitor magnesium…

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    …2 CR140 Calcium Reactor. Calcium reactors are capable of maintaining a balanced ratio of calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and other trace elements by dissolving aragonite medias with carbon dioxide gas which drives down the pH of the water to an acidic level dissolving the media releasing elements…

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