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    Replacement scraper blades for the Flipper Magnet Cleaner. Over time the blades on any magnetic cleaner will become dull and uneven. These all plastic blades come in a 3 pack and will attach directly to your standard Flipper Magnetic Cleaner. 3 Pack - Acrylic Only

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    …even help to control troublesome dinoflagellates. This is an excellent alternative to harsher medications and can be used directly in the display aquarium if necessary, unlike treatments such as copper. From extensive real-world testing and application, Rally Pro has been found to be safe for fish…

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    …freshwater aquariums, and one for saltwater aquariums so be sure to use the correct chart for your type of aquarium when interpreting test results. The Freshwater pH Test Color Chart is the appropriate chart to use for testing freshwater aquariums to which aquarium salt and African cichlid salt have…

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    …escape artist or jumper in your aquarium, then you know the importance of a properly fitted lid. Unfortunately, glass lids can trap in heat and promote salt creep, which diminishes your light penetration over time. If you want to contain and protect your aquarium inhabitants without affecting your…

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    …elements and other beneficial substances that allows you to follow the TRITON method without having to use Core7 Base Elements. Ideal for large aquariums with a calcium reactor, or if another calcium supply system is used. Features A proprietary blend of beneficial substances that enhance the…

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