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    If you're done fighting a losing battle with the anemone scourge, before you give up...F-Aiptasia! Just about anyone with a reef tank has battled the age-old foe Aipstasia, commonly known as Glass Anemones, and if you have you'll understand the reason for this product's name. They can sneak in on…

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    Highly effective and reef safe. Aiptasia-X eradicates Aiptasia and its larvae from your tank. The special formula of natural components form a thick, adhesive material which, once ingested, seals shut the mouth of nuisance anemones. Shortly after ingestion, the material causes the Aiptasia to…

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    Joe's Juice has been available world wide since 2003 as a simple to use, reef safe, Aiptasia solution. Simply feed a small amount of JoesJuice and the results will happen within minutes. Aiptasia and Majano Anemones can override a tank in months, causing massive headaches to try to remove them all.…

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    Aiptasia Rx acts fast to take out Aiptasia and Majano anemones if they appear in your aquarium. The best and most effective strategy is to treat them as soon as they show up and before they have a chance to spread. When used properly, this product yields results within minutes of application. The…

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