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Apogee Par Meter

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    …where response is greater than 50% of maximum) Sensor Dimensions - 2.4 cm diameter and 3.7 cm height USB Cable - 2 m (6 ft) Warranty - 4 years What's Included? 1x Apogee MQ-510 PAR Meter and Sensor Want to rent an Apogee MQ-510 PAR Meter? Click Here MQ-510 Spec Sheet MQ-510 Owners Manual

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    …a PAR meter to monitor the light intensity you will have tangible numbers to go off of, instead of just guessing. The SQ-420 USB Powered Quantum PAR Sensor is a valuable piece of equipment that can connect right to your windows or mac based PC that will read and record PAR data. PAR meters used…

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    Get real-time PAR measurements and datalogging right on your smartphone! Apogee's PQ-510 PAR meter kit pairs the SQ-500-SS2 Full-spectrum Quantum sensor with their newmicroCache Bluetooth micro-logger to deliver PAR data right to your mobile device using the free ApogeeConnect app for iOS and…

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    …offer a PAR meter rental program that lets you use an Apogee MQ-510 Underwater Quantum PAR Meter and Apogee Sensor Wand for one week, giving you time to perfectly tune your lights! 7-Day Rental Period Return Shipping Included Fully Refundable Deposit* Includes Sensor Wand Par Meter Rental Policies…

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    The Apogee Sensor Wand is fully submersible, allowing a PAR meter's sensor to be securely attached to the end of the wand. The wand lets you keep your hands dry while allowing you to get the sensor in hard to reach places your hands or make-shift holder can access. Full-length fiberglass wand is…

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    …directly to your computer allows you to easily log readings within the Apogee software or any application of your choice. For Apogee Underwater PAR Measurement Correction Factors and Calculator - Click here The SQ-520 Par Sensor has been specifically designed to give reliable and repeatable readings…

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