Salt Mix Calculator

Enter the water volume (in gallons) and select your salt mix from the list. Enter the current salinity level PPT as well as your desired salinity level to find out how much salt mix will be required to reach the desired salinity. The salinity of fresh RO/DI water will measure 0 PPT and 35 ppt is the target salinity level for reef aquariums.

Using Refractometer to Read Saltwater


~67.61 lbs of salt is needed to reach 35 specific gravity


Calculated results are only estimates, minor adjustments may be required. There will be slight variances based on the moisture content of the salt mix and the temperature of the water will affect salinity measurements.

The water should be heated to 75-78°F and always use a refractometer to measure salinity. Add salt mix slowly, in small increments, to the full volume of water you're trying to mix then adjust as needed to reach your target salinity. Weighing dry salt mix with a scale is the most accurate method of measurement.

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Download Bulk Reef Supply Saltwater Aquarium Water Parameters Chart