Salt Mix Calculator

Enter the water volume of your mixing container (in liters) and the current salinity level of the water inside to find out how much Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix is required to reach 1.026 Specific Gravity. Pure RO/DI water without any salt should measure 1.000 Specific Gravity.

Using Refractometer to Read Saltwater

*Our Salt Mix Calculator uses Red Sea Coral Pro (our most popular salt mix) as the benchmark for its calculations. Bear in mind calculations for other brands of salt will vary.


~67.61 lbs of salt is needed to reach 1.026 specific gravity


This calculator is used for calculating how many pounds of Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix is needed to mix inside a container of pure 0 TDS RO/DI water to reach a specific gravity of 1.026. The calculated amounts will only apply to Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix and will not be transferable to any other salt mix brand.

We do not recommend mixing salt inside your aquarium as it may cause salinity spikes that will harm your inhabitants. The water temperature should be heated to 77°F (25°C) before measuring your salinity levels and mixing.


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