Red Sea Aquarium Salt Mix 175 Gallon

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Red Sea Aquarium Salt Mix 175 Gallon

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Quick Overview

Red Sea Salt provides the biologically balanced, natural levels of the foundation elements (Calcium, Magnesium & Carbonates) necessary for mature aquariums and enhanced coral coloration. BRS recommends using a complete salt mix, to save money and time on testing supplies and major element adjustments.

Full Details

The new formula of Red Sea Salt is the product of years of research into the physiological demands of corals in the reef aquarium.

Unlike the natural reef environment, which has an immeasurable reservoir of all 57 elements, a reef aquarium is an artificial environment that is constantly affected by coral growth and other ongoing biological processes.

Red Sea Salt is formulated for use with RO water. Both Coral Pro and regular Red Sea Salt use the same raw materials, including the unique Sodium Chloride harvested from the Red Sea reef, and both have optimally balanced ratios between the foundation elements: Coral Pro Salt contains elevated levels of foundation elements set for accelerated coral growth, while Red Sea Salt contains natural levels set for mature aquariums and enhanced coral coloration.


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  • I love this salt By Raymond on 10/18/2017

    It has been quality since the beginning. Been using it for over 10 years and it is always great.
  • I'VE FOUND MY SALT AT LAST! By IronChefItaly on 7/22/2017

    A fantastic salt. Anyone who is unfamiliar, each bucket comes with a batch number on the lid that you can enter online to see the full lab analysis. Red Sea considers their process accurate enough to use as a "standard solution" - meaning, you can check the accuracy of your tests by simply adding a carefully weighed amount of salt to a carefully measured volume of RODI water and comparing this against the batch-specific lab results. Heck, if you're really particular about your parameters - you can check the batch values of each shipment of salt at your LFS then stock up when the time is right. Genius, well done Red Sea!
  • Excellent !!! By donald on 5/8/2017

    Good stuff !!!
  • great reef salt By Jeff150 on 4/19/2017

    I use this salt with great results. I run the Zeovit ULN system on my 150g, this salt help me maintain the Alk level that the ULN requires. Mixes clear really fast.
  • Alkalinity Too High By Patrick on 4/12/2017

    I purchased this salt mix partially for the supposed consistency of parameters, but mostly because the parameters are supposed to be close to that of natural seawater. Ca and Mg are exactly what the bucket says they should be, 420ppm and 1,250ppm respectively, but alkalinity consistently hovers around the 9.6 dKh, way too high for ULNS. Bucket says the mix should be between 7.8 and 8.2 dKh @ 35ppt. Tests performed with Salifert test kits, salt mix taken from different parts of the bucket.

    Will definitely be switching back to Instant Ocean when I need salt mix next. There is no value in paying the price premium for Red Sea salt if the parameters are not as advertised.
  • Great Salt By Lori on 1/22/2017

    Love this salt mix, great for sps corals.
  • Best Salt I've Used By Jason on 9/16/2016

    Started using this salt 1.5 years ago. Salt mixes per bucket specs everytime. From bucket to bucket it is very consistent within .2 on alk and 20 on calcium. By far the best salt I have ever used and keeps my sps very happy.
  • Great salt By BrianOH on 6/25/2016

    Love this salt, ive tried all sorts of salts and this blue bucket gives me what i needed, ULNS specs,but here we go,BRS is the best at customer service with that said ups is a black hole they lost my first bucket and told me it was out for delivery 5 days in a row,they told me they lost it finnaly and brs was sending another, not true brs didnt hear from ups so i told them what was going on, new bucket showed up at my house in 2 days, first bucket showed up a week later rather a bag of salt.
  • Good Product By Dimitri on 3/7/2016

    Although I haven't really found a bad salt, and I have tried others, This one gives me pretty accurate readings when testing... I will recommend it.
  • Top notch salt By Jacifer on 2/26/2016

    Great product! Easy to use. And my reef loves it. Red sea is #1
  • so good By stan on 12/13/2015

    mixes super clear. NSW levels for zeovit! love it
  • Good salt By Mjb on 5/30/2015

    I use the salt for the zeovit system because it is closer to natural seawater and has a lower kh that is required for an ultra low nutrient tank. Corals might not grow as fast but they grow healthier. Other salt I like is tropic Marin but this is priced more reasonably and closer to nsw.


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Product Questions

what are the ratios of ingredients, in the salt .. thanks
Question by: ron sorenson on Mar 30, 2016 7:26:00 PM
Great question!
With Calcium there is 410 ppm, Magnesium 1230 ppm and Alkalinity 7.7 dKH. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Apr 4, 2016 10:33:00 AM
Do you sell the 55g bucket of this salt?
Question by: Erik D on Aug 26, 2016 3:44:00 PM
Thanks for reaching out to us! Unfortunately, at this time we only carry the 175gal bucket of this salt. :-(
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Aug 26, 2016 3:46:00 PM