July 26, 2021

Neptune Systems has merged with eCommerce retailer Bulk Reef Supply

Morgan Hill, CA., Neptune Systems has merged with Minnesota-based Aquatic Sales Solutions LLC (dba Bulk Reef Supply) or “BRS”, the eCommerce leader in saltwater aquarium supplies.

Neptune Systems (www.neptunesystems.com) is a market leader in aquarium technology products. With over 20 years’ experience, Neptune Systems has grown into one of the largest and most recognized brands in the reefing hobby. Their premier product, the APEX, has helped revolutionize how modern reef tank owners manage their tanks and consequently increased their success.

Neptune Systems will continue to operate without interruption, conducting engineering, manufacturing, sales, and customer service operations. Reefers should expect to see Neptune Systems remain focused on their mission of developing innovative products that advance the reefing hobby. BRS combining with Neptune Systems provides both companies additional resources to better educate and equip reefers everywhere.

About Bulk Reef Supply

Founded in 2007, BRS set out with a goal to further the reefing community's growth and success by providing hobbyist education and carefully selected products. From their humble beginnings, BRS has grown its business to become a leader in customer service and satisfaction.