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With over 19,000 members and growing, #askBRSTV is Facebook’s largest reef aquarium group dedicated to helping hobbyists. You can expect quick, honest answers and advice from experienced BRS team members including Ryan and Randy, the hosts of our popular YouTube channel BRStv. Our dedicated moderators maintain 100% accountability to provide you with a friendly and polite atmosphere regardless of your experience level. No bullies, trolls or drama, simply trustworthy advice from industry professionals you can rely on.

Been in the hobby a while? No sweat, drop by to share your tank with hobbyists around the globe, tell your reefing story and help others on their reefing journey. Members will also get the inside scoop on new products and gain access to exclusive #askBRStv deals and giveaways. We post all of the BRStv live streams, videos, and the occasional BRS shenanigans so you can get your daily dose of reefing education and entertainment without ever leaving your feed.

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