HI713-25 Phosphate Checker Reagents - Marine & Fresh Water

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HI713-25 Phosphate Checker Reagents - Marine & Fresh Water

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Phosphate reagent refills for the easy to use, handheld Hanna Phospate Checker. Individual reagent packets for 25 tests.

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Reagent refill for Hanna Phospate Checker.

  • Enough reagent for 25 tests.



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  • powder packages difficult to work with By Analog Kid on 3/10/2017

    I concur with most reviews here that working with the powder and the packets is a pain. Not sure if there's still powder stuck in the bottom crease of the package. It really discourages me from wanting to test for phosphates. Liquid reagent would be ideal! Or maybe another tool to aid in dispensing into the opening of the vial -- like a package in the shape of a cylinder/straw or maybe use of a custom funnel.
  • Good if.. By Dann B on 2/1/2017

    Works great just wish there was an easier way to add the powder to the tiny opening!!!! Only issue/ complaint
  • Works great By Tony on 1/24/2017

    It's a reagent open the package and pour it in does what is expected
  • works great By ozzy on 1/5/2017

    as long as you cut off two sides from the packet it really is not as hard to get all the powder in the vials as some of these reviews make it sound. lol. it's hard if you only cut one side off. happy reefing
  • No problems but you think they can do something better... By Allen on 11/24/2016

    Like most reviews, I have no issues with the Hanna Checker and I have opening this packet and pouring it into the very narrow glass bottle down to a science. But why does it need to be this hard? How much sales does Hanna lose over this issue? You think they would come up with a liquid reagent and I love to suggestion about making it a pill. Drop and go. Hanna are your listening? You ALMOST have a great product.
  • Could be improved By Lance A. Lot on 10/10/2016

    Love the Hanna Checker hate these packets. I have watched the videos of how to cut it perfectly and I still mess it up and spill sometimes.
  • Highly Accurate and Reliable Reagent By Lawrence on 9/7/2016

    I have been using the Hanna Phosphate Tester for about a year and couldn't ask for better. It is highly accurate and has a repeat ability of plus/minus 2ppm. For the people having problems with the reagent packets here is a suggestion that has worked very well for me:
    1) Get a business card with a slick finish and crease it lengthwise down the middle.
    2) Cut open the reagent packet and pour all of the contents on to the card
    3) Flex the card to make a sharp V and pour the reagent into the vial. It should all slide in easily with no waste.
  • used it once! By javier on 7/17/2016

    Used the device of a friend to get familiar with it before purchasing, but after my experience I think I came up with an idea for the Hanna Instruments family for the reagents situation. Hopefully they read this and think it a good idea, or at least edges them towards a better reagent dispensing method.
    Instead of the horrible little paper packets, why not use Pills (like for medicine)? I thought it would be easier to open a little pill to pour the reagent into the vile with ease. Just make sure you mark them so people don't confuse them with actual medicine.
    Despite the bad experience with the reagent, I still managed to get a proper reading. But the uncertainty does not weigh out the expense of the reagents, since sometimes you end up doing the test twice just to make sure you did it correctly; this particularly feels like a scam to get customers to constantly buy reagents, unnecessarily. We are going to buy them, just make the experience easier and more pleasant, most importantly make it a certain and safe-feeling one.
  • Easy to use reagent By Batfish Aquatics on 7/14/2016

    These reagents are very reliable, and give great results. We use a scissor, cut a strip off the top, and then squeeze from the sides to form a low V, and pour it in without any issue. From experimentation, I can tell you that there's "enough" reagent in the packet that if you spill or lose a little bit, it makes no difference in the test. Test is more effected by timing.
  • A Reefer "Must Have" By Richard on 6/6/2016

    I have three of the Hanna checkers: alkalinity, calcium, and phosphate. I love all three, just wish they had a nitrate tester to complete the set. The testers come with sufficient reagents to do 25 tests, so the replacement packs are essential. It took a while for me to figure out the best way to handle the reagent pack so that it was easy to use. What works best for me is to cut the pack just inside the printed dotted line, then use a pair of tweezers to open the pack sides to make a nice funnel for dumping the reagent into the curvet. BRS makes these replacement packs available at a good price. As the kids say, "The Hanna checkers RULE!"
  • Best Hobbist level testing of Total Phosphorous By Dave on 3/30/2016

    I have been using the HannaChecker system since early in my reef keeping. I have tried other phosphate test kits but they are very hard to determine the right levels. Hanna Checker allows you to now only test for phosphate but with a little math gives you an overall picture of how much Phosphorous is available in your system: Organic and Inorganic Phosphate. I wouldn't use any other system to determine my phosphate levels. Equation Ex: ULR reading 24 converts to .024. Take that amount and always multiply by 3.066 to get a total amount of phosphate .024 x 3.066 = .074 total phosphate.
  • Difficulty with the reagents By Jay on 3/21/2016

    I love the checker but the reagent packs are hard to use. I just received a new pack of reagents and the packets are a little different, now you cut along a dotted line with a pair of scissors in v shape. It makes it a lot easier to use. I think capsules would be the best idea. Transparent so you can see the powder. Shake the capsule to force the powder to one end of the capsule. Cut the other end off with scissors and pour into the sample. Something like this would be a lot better than the packets.