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Mur-lok Inline Check Valve 1/4" x 1/4" Push Connect

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Mur-lok Inline Check Valve 1/4" x 1/4" Push Connect

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Quick Overview

Mur-lok RO fittings are the only RO fittings that feature dual EPDM O-rings to ensure a straight leak free fit. These high quality American made fittings are constructed with FDA approved materials.

  • Inline Check Valve 1/4" Push Connect x 1/4" Push Connect

  • Polypropylene construction

  • Stops water from flowing backwards

  • NSF Standard 58 Certified


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Randy on October 11, 2013, @5:37 AM

    Hey guys,

    Adding some upgrades to my 4-stage Plus RO/DI. I want to split my product line to two separate locations. If I do the split after the check valve (included in the *Plus system) would I need to add any more of these? Maybe one for redundancy?



    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Randy,
    Sorry but the image doesn't seem to want to cooperate. That said though, no extra check valves should be necessary as long as its split after the check valve . The included check valve on our units is in the membrane housing so you couldn't split before it if you tried. As far as running to multiple locations, its as simple as a tee. I would recommend adding an inline ball valve to each side of the tee so that you can manually control which one is filling if you desire (otherwise it will just favor the path of least resistance). Another option would be to use a 3 way valve, though personally I prefer the two single inline valves as not only is it a bit cheaper last time I checked but you also have the option to leave both open, so in theory it would fill the first container, when the float goes up be forced to go the second container, and when that float goes up be done. With the 3 way ball valve you would have to manually switch from one container to the next. Just my two cents worth :-)

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Full Details

We believe GA Murdock Mur-lok fittings to be the best so strongly that we use them virtually exclusively on each of our BulkReefSupply.com reverse osmosis units and BRS media reactors.


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  • In-line Check Valve By Shawn on 1/23/2015

    This is easy to install and does exactly what it's suppose to do.
  • Works great By Cesar on 12/13/2014

    Much better than my previous check valve
  • Great product. By Chris on 8/13/2014

    Works great with no leaks or bleed by. Easy install and good price. What's not to like?
  • Good item By Frank on 3/25/2014

    A must have for you auto shut off on r/o unit
  • Just what my RODI unit was missing! By Kevin on 3/10/2014

    I bought a 5 stage RODI unit used from a friend. It worked great but the continuous stream of waste water flowing after the float valve closed left me frustrated. I was under the impression the Auto Shutoff Valve would stop the waste, but it was only part of the answer. After adding this inline check valve between the output of my ro membrane and the auto shutoff valve, the water completely shuts off a few seconds after the float switch engages. I had to watch the product video for the complete float valve/check valve/auto shutoff valve kit to find out where it should go. The valve is sturdy and the tubing locks in solidly.
  • Good quality By Jeff on 3/2/2014

    I've ordered and used Murlok components for my RODI set up and all have worked well, including this check valve. I’ve used and returned cheaper quality components to my local hardware store that leaked.
  • Works flawlessly! By floridamixedreefer on 2/24/2014

    I just added this check valve to my pure water output on my rodi system. I already had the Auto Shut Off valve and float valve for filling my mixing barrel,, but I was bothered by the waste water continuously dumping down the drain after the float valve shut off. I added this check valve just after the y fitting merging the pure water out lines from my dual 75gpd membranes and just before the ASO valve. No more waste! I did notice that my fast flush bypass does not engage without the RODI product line being cracked open to release the pressure activating the ASO valve(I use a 90 degree shutoff valve right before my mixing barrel to keep the spills down when I disassemble for cleaning). This is understandable with my configuration and is not a deal breaker by any means. I need to buy some more of these to add to my DI output etc.
  • Easy to install By Tanner on 1/13/2014

    Easy to install check valve. Fitting is secure and does not leak. Color coded ends makes it easy to ensure you are installing it in the correct direction.
  • Get several for RO units. By Turf on 10/15/2013

    In my experience I don't use my RO-DI more then once ever two weeks to fill a 30 gal top off tank... because of this, the outputs and inputs not being sealed, and how the RO membrane is oriented (on top and sideways) mine tend to dry out and reduce capacity much faster then it should.

    I put one of these check valves on the end of every line in and out which has help extend the life of membrane from being as little as a month of consistent output at times to considerably more.

    Thank you to BRS for helping me trouble shoot my system.
  • 1/4" in line check valve By Dave on 5/8/2013

    After watching one of many Bulk Reef Supply videos I purchased an inline check valve to prevent water from back flowing through my DI resin. Since I've installed the new valve I've noticed that my resin last longer.Having many different RO dispensers (faucets, ice makers) BRS was very helpful in answering questions regarding its installation.
    Thanks again BRS you guys make reneging simple and affordable!
  • Don't worry, check valve By BRDrDRD on 3/6/2013

    Use multiple check valves to keep everything flowing in the right direction. BRS is the cheapest price you will find.
  • RODI only - Not for saltwater use By Taylor on 3/5/2013

    I was using 2 of these check valves with a Y - adapter to connect my water filter waste and an auto water change pump (located in sump) to my sink drain.

    The check valve connecting my auto water change pump (Tunze) failed after 3 months allowing water filter waste to drain back into my sump.

    The water filter waste check valve (non-saltwater) is still working fine and appears to be a good design.

    When I contacted BRS for support, they informed me that the check valves are not intended to be used for saltwater; they should only be used in non-salt applications such as RODI water filters

    I am purchasing a second drain saddle clamp for my sink to resolve my issue (and carbon to clean my water). Luckily I noticed my issue within about 10 days.

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